Picture: Bangkok Biz News


A representative of the Thai Ministry for Tourism and Sports has told the Thai media that plans to make visitors to Thailand to take out insurance  have been put on the back burner.


Chote Trachu told Bangkok Biz News that ministerial proposals made in May of this year would have to wait until 2020 or at a “more appropriate time in the future”.


He said that Thailand tourism was facing a difficult time at present what with the sluggish world economy, the high value of the baht and the low value of the Yuan.


He said that it was better to wait and that changing things now could cause more trouble than it was worth.


He said that requiring tourists to have insurance was a “sensitive” matter that could “scare” tourists off at this time.


It was clear with Thailand on track to record visitors in excess of 40 million annually this was not a good time to be bringing in new regulations, notes Thaivisa.


(Source: – Bangkok Biz News)

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