COVID-19: Thailand Reports 6,343 New Coronavirus Cases, 45 Deaths, 7,663 Recoveries


File photo: REUTERS

Thailand on Monday (November 15) reported 6,343 new COVID-19 cases, 7,663 recoveries and 45 additional deaths over the past 24 hours.

▶︎ Infections outside prisons: 6,155. Prisons: 188

▶︎ Recoveries: 7,663

▶︎ Total infections since April 1: 1,995,890

▶︎ Total recoveries since since April 1: 1,883,083

Monday’s cases bring the total number of COVID-19 infections in Thailand to 2,024,753 with 20,081 deaths.

The news comes as PM Prayut calls for Covid vaccines and medicines to be made global public goods. During his speech, Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha touched on how the COVID-19 pandemic afflicted health security and economic security all around the world and deepened many aspects of disparity.

He suggested closing disparity gaps, firstly by working on the public health emergencies preparedness and response system. He asked all countries and parties to collaborate on this work under a multilateral approach.

The prime minister gave emphasis to global collaboration in 3 major areas, the first of which is making COVID-19 vaccines and medicines public goods.

(Source: – Asean Now)

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