Cruise Passengers On £4,800 Holiday Shocked To Find Crew Member Having Sex With A Woman In Their Cabin


Cruise passengers on £4,800 holiday shocked to find crew member having sex with a woman in their cabin

Two cruise passengers were left stunned after finding a member of staff having sex in their cabin.

Bobby, 64, and Mary Jackson, 62, were travelling with Norwegian Cruise Line from Singapore to Thailand on their dream cruise.

Just after boarding the ship, they were confronted with the sight of a naked male crew member having sex with a mystery woman on their bed.

Mary said: “I was horrified, what I witnessed was extremely unpleasant. “There was a man and woman having sex on the bed in our designated room.

“I immediately closed the door again. “Eugene, our cabin attendant, was present and he immediately went to inform his supervisor.

Source: The Sun

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