D-Day! September Heralds The Start Of Less Carnage On The Thai Roads


Picture: Daily News


Next month will see nationwide campaigns to do something about the appalling carnage on the Thai roads.


The targets are public transport vehicles of all kinds and the staff who drive them.


More than a million vehicles will be checked and 150,000 drivers will have their eyes tested.


In addition “Checking Points” at gas stations throughout the country will check for public transport drivers driving drunk.


The ideas are the baby of new transport minister Saksayam Chidchob who wants to see less road death and more order on his nation’s roadways.


The death toll in Thailand is among the highest in the world at around 25,000 annually. Though the majority are motorcyclists many people die while using public transport as a result of faulty vehicles or drunk and incompetent drivers, notes Thaivisa.


Daily News announced two “D-Days” in their story.


On September 2nd – next Monday – Department of Land Transport staff will begin checking 150, 747 vehicles registered with the DLT. This will take three months.


They will also check the capabilities of 1,203,790 personnel for color recognition, reaction times and long and short vision.


The 16th of September is the second D-Day – this is when 245 “Checking Points” will be set up in gas stations.


Thai media is using the English term for these check points.


These will be 90 kms apart on 111 roads encompassing 22,048 kms of the nation’s roads.


The idea is to have off-road checkpoints to avoid traffic jams and speed things up.


Drivers will have checks for alcohol with a ten minute limit for checking each person.


Passengers will have to exit the vehicle and perhaps go and use lavatories before re-boarding. They will be discouraged from slowing things down by going into convenience stores.


Checking Points will be set up 24 hours a day 365 days a year – no holidays.


Daily News said that the scheme will be widened to include taxi drivers and truck drivers later.


(Source: – Daily News)

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