image.jpeg reported on the latest rankings of English Proficiency by a Swedish firm called EF Education First in which the data from 2.1 million test results among non-native speakers was used to compile a 111 country list ranked according to five categories:


1 Very High Proficiency – top were the Netherlands followed by Singapore, Austria, Norway and Denmark in fifth.


No surprise there was no Thailand there.


2 High proficiency – the Philippines made 22nd on this list with Malaysia snapping at their heels in 24th.


Still no Thailand, but still no major surprise.


3. Moderate proficiency – maybe Thailand could be here.


Wrong again.


This larger list contained the likes of Italy in 32nd, France, 34, Russia, 40, India 52 and Vietnam 60th.


So what of category 4 of the five, Low Proficiency.


Still no Thailand.


China, 62, Nepal, 65, Bangladesh, 66, Japan, 80.


Finally it was the lowest of the low, the Very Low proficiency section up to 111th and last place.


Myanmar made 93rd, Cambodia 94th while Thailand got 97th.


Global ranking of countries and regions




They could still crow, however, as Laos was last!


Also bringing up the rear were Yemen and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Usually the Thai media is all over surveys like a rash, especially when Thailand is presented in a glowing light.


On this occasion we have yet to see a Thai news report on the story. This one came from Malaysia and barely commented on Thailand at all.


(Source: – Asean Now)