democracy round about copyReconstruction of Buriram’s  treasured Democracy Monument is well underway. The city’s symbol of free speech and the right to vote has had its initial structures already completed in front of the old city hall which itself is  also undergoing some serious renovation work. 

In November of last year there was a degree of outrage as the highly respected pillar was unceremoniously torn down without due notice.

Some citizen’s of the city viewed this as a sign of military rule taking over from the former democracy which was replaced on the 22nd of May 2014.

However local authorities assured residents of Buriram that it was the city’s own departments that had made the decision to take down the statue.

Demolition November Last Year

democracy monument3

Reasons given for the demolition were that too many accidents were happening at the roundabout and a new system of traffic lights was to be put in place instead.  The traffic light system is now in place. 

At the time it was promised the monument would be restored in front of the old city hall. Local authorities have now begun rebuilding  the monument as previously promised. 

The monument was originally placed in the city in the 1930’s as part of a government campaign to nurture respect and recognition for the newly founded democracy at the time.

Democracy Monument – Early 1930’s


Through the twelve military coups of Thailand’s recent history, democracy monument has stood until it was taken down late last year.

Buriram Town Hall and Democracy Monument 1969

town hall Buriram

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