Dengue Fever: Thirty Deaths In Thailand This Year And Worse Still To Come – Ubon Sets Up “War Room”

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Thai Rath reported that there had been thirty deaths in Thailand this year from Dengue fever that is caused by mosquitoes.


Nationwide there have been 23,622 cases from January 1st to May 27th.


Worst hit provinces were in Isaan:  Nakorn Ratchasima had 1,424 cases and Ubon Ratchathani 1,267.


Of particular note was that two people had died in one tambon (sub-district) in Ubon.


The governor of that north eastern Thai province has set up what the media called a “war room” to combat the disease.


Worse was expected as the rainy season begins to hit Thailand.


People have been advised to tidy up their homes, clear trash and clear away standing water.


These practical measures can help in combating the disease by depriving mosquitoes of habitats and breeding grounds.


(Source: – Thai Rath)

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