Deputy Education Minister Panadda

The Deputy Education Minister has urged teachers and parents to monitor the online activities of children and help them creatively navigate the online social space in the Digital 4.0 era.

The comment by Deputy Education Minister M.L. Panadda Diskul was made during his keynote speech at the Provincial Press Association Of Thailand on the occasion of the association’s 52nd year anniversary. He then handed awards to exemplary civil servants, companies, corporate advisors, and reporters.

According to the Deputy Education Minister, the Digital 4.0 agenda calls for the modernization of education with an emphasis on connecting schools and homes. He said that social media must be used responsibly and students should access social media to gain academic knowledge.

He quoted one of the teachings of His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej that recommends mutual affection and respect between teachers and pupils.

M.L. Panadda also stated that people should check their facts before posting online messages while maintaining moral values and keeping ethical codes in mind, in order to prevent distress and create rifts in society.

It is rather disappointing that the remarks made by the Deputy Minister are considered newsworthy. Surely by now parents and teachers are aware of the dangers of social media and parents have a responsibility to monitor their young children’s online activities.

It is too easy to leave children to their own devices as long as they are not causing their parents problems. It is also rather naive to suggest that children should gain academic knowledge from social media.

It isn’t going to happen !

(Source:-National News Bureau, Thailand)


By Juninho