Desperate To stay in Thailand “Overstay ALI” Changes Name To ALY

Picture: Sanook

Desperate to stay in Thailand “Overstay ALI” changes name to ALY

A blacklisted Egyptian was so desperate to stay in Thailand that after he was deported in April he changed his name and got a new passport.

But changing his name from Motazz Ali to Motazz Aly was not enough to fool Krabi immigration when he came back.

He made it past airport checks but Krabi immigration picked up the 27-year old at a room in Ao Nang at the southern Thai resort yesterday.

Ali had been banned from Thailand for ten years in April after overstaying 931 days. But went back to Egypt and changed his name slightly on a new passport.

He admitted everything and said he wanted to open a restaurant in Ao Nang with a friend.

He will be deported again.

Sanook said in their headline that Ali loved Thailand.

Source: Sanook

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