“Digital Age!”: No Longer Necessary To Have A Thai Driving License With You From January


The Department of Land Transport proudly announced yet more technological innovations on Saturday. From mid-January motorists in Thailand will no longer have to have a physical driving license with them. They can simply show their credentials via a new app.

Police will be able to check their details – like outstanding fines or bans, by scanning a QR code.

Important information such as location, blood type and allergies will also be contained in the driver’s information profile that would prove useful in the unlikely case of an accident.

“We are all systems go for a start in mid-January,” announced an upbeat Pheeraphon Thawornsupcharoen of the DLT. “Thais will not need to carry a license any more. Just show your smartphone”.

The scheme has been heralded as a “digital license”.

Source: Sanook

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