Distraught German Driver Kills Thai Cyclist On Friendship Highway

Scene of accident involving cyclist

A video on the site of Jowo77 showed the aftermath to a road accident on Sunday night in the Si Khiw district of Nakhon Ratchasima.

The obscured video showed the dead body of 55 year old Thaworn Singnoi of Mitraphap sub-district along with his push bike.

It also showed a 53 year old German man named as Clos Rieger Marcel Maria sitting by the side of the highway with his head in his hands.

The accident occurred at KM marker 102-103 heading into Nakhon Ratchasima.

The German’s red plated, Bangkok registered, white Toyota Vios with its front smashed was nearby.

The German man told Si Khiw police that he was on his way to Korat to see his girlfriend. It was very dark and he did not see the cyclist wheeling his bike across the road until it was too late.

Pol Lt Theerapong Pinitmontree of the Si Khiw constabulary said there were frequent accidents at this spot because there were no lights. He appreciated that the driver of the car was not familiar with the road.

Jowo77 reported that the Vios would be checked and the case would proceed, though in what direction was not speculated upon.

The video showed a policeman taking pictures before the bicycle was removed.

The dead body of the cyclist was then loaded into an ambulance.



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