DLT: No Need To Renew Your Driving Licence Until 15 Days After The Emergency Decree Is Over


Picture: Thai Rath


The Department of Land Transport has announced that if your Thai driving licence is about to expire there is no need to go into an office and renew it.


Its validity will remain active until 15 days after the Emergency Decree is lifted, or until another announcement is made.


The decision comes after Transport minister Saksayam Chidchob contacted the DLT and other agencies to order extensions to licences and contracts.


All issuing of extensions and new licences will cease from March 31st until further notice.


DLT offices are still open for tax renewal and registration renewal of vehicles. This can also be done at the “drive thru” service at the main DLT offices.


But tax, license and registration facilities at outlying offices at places like department stores are being stopped for now.


All testing is also ending on March 31st though people who have already gone through online learning portals will be credited with that when they come to renew their licenses after the state of emergency is lifted.


This relates to the viewing of training videos of between one and three hours duration that are necessary for new licences and extensions.


The sensible DLT moves on extensions to licenses will be seen in stark contrast to the visa extensions for tourists, notes Thaivisa. Tourists still need to go to immigration offices.


Indonesia issued an order that said tourist visas were automatically extended.


(Source:  – Thai Rath

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