Picture: TheBangkokInsight


A leading Thai public health official has revealed that there have been 622 cases of leptospirosis resulting in eight deaths in Thailand since the start of the year.


The disease is called “loke khai chee nuu” (disease of rat urine) in Thai.


It principally comes from rat urine but is also present in dogs, cats, cows goats and sheep.


Agricultural workers are particularly susceptible when wading through flood waters and mud.


Symptoms are usually fever, headache, red eyes and muscle pain in the lower part of the body principally the calves of the leg.


Ways to avoid the disease are not to wade unprotected through water and mud, wear gloves and boots, eradicated mice and rats and maintain hand washing and cleanliness especially after contact with water and mud.


Dr Sukhum Kanchanaphimai said there had been eight deaths from the disease in the period from January to May 24th.


More cases are expected now that the rainy season is beginning to bite in Thailand, he told TheBangkokInsight.


(Source: – TheBangkokinsight)