Don’t Leave It To The Last Minute! Thai Immigration Reminds Foreigners Ahead Of Amnesty Deadline



The Immigration Bureau has issued a reminder to foreigners in Thailand ahead of the end of the visa amnesty period.


An announcement shared on the Immigration Facebook page on Saturday urges people who need to renew their visas to do so now, rather than wait until 26 September, in order to help reduce overcrowding.


Long term expats, such as those who stay in Thailand on a marriage or retirement extension, who have used the amnesty period to delay renewing their extensions of stay are urged to renew as soon as possible. Long term expats should also be completing their 90 day reports as they would do normally.


Immigration offices throughout the country are quiet at the moment and the process of renewing is taking a fraction of the time it normally would.


However, immigration offices may get noticeably busier in the coming weeks in the run up to the 26 September deadline.


Tourists who still remain in Thailand under the visa amnesty need to clarify their status or be prepared to leave the country.


However, earlier this week, Immigration did say that any tourists who are unable to travel due to illness can apply for a 30 day extension at their local immigration office.


In order to do this they must present a medical certificate that proves they are not fit enough to fly.


In addition, tourists who are unable to leave Thailand due to a lack of flights or other circumstances related to the COVID-19 situation in their home country can also apply for a 30 day extension.


In order to do this they must obtain a letter from their embassy requesting permission to stay temporarily in Thailand.


For everyone else, from 27 September, the usual overstay fines and penalties will be applied.



(Source: – Thai Visa News)

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