Drink Driving – Treat It As Seriously As Human Trafficking, PM Urged Then Watch The Real Reason So Many Die In Thailand

PM urged to get tough on drink-drivers.  (Photo;- Komchadluek )

The head of Thailand’s anti drink driving foundation has challenged Prime Minister PrayuthChan-ocha to get tough on drink drivers.

Dr Thaejing Siripanich told Komchadluek that measures to reduce the carnage had consistently failed over the last ten years.

It was time to get tough – drink drivers should face the same penalties as those convicted of human trafficking as their effect on society was similarly severe.

Dr Thaejing was speaking as a Songkran collaboration was announced with the Department of Probation who announced new measures for punishing their civil servants caught drink driving.

DOP director Prasan Mahaleetrakul said that new regulations meant that any of his staff caught drink driving face the prospect of expulsion from the civil service.

The DOP work closely with police and other agencies on road traffic matters at times like Songkran.

Dr Thaejing said that last year 390 people died in the “seven deadly days” of Songkran. There was every reason to believe that the death toll this year would again be between 300 and 400.

Times comment:- The views of the Times group on drink-driving has been well-documented. It can never be condoned. Full stop. However, yet again the good doctor has donned his blinkers to declare that it is the root cause of the deaths on Thailand’s roads.

It is not and until the authorities wake up to this fact the carnage will continue. The standard of driving here is appalling. Common sense is non-existent as is consideration for other drivers.

Excessive speed can be seen everywhere at any time of day. 70% of deaths are motorcyclists yet what is really being done about not wearing a helmet? A 200bht fine and you can continue to drive without one for the rest of the day with impunity.

Young people now consider it “cool” to drive without mirrors and even sometimes without lights yet what is being done about it? How many under-age drivers are there on the roads ? Don’t parents care about their children?

It is typical that the easy option is always being taken. We certainly don’t advocate not punishing drink-drivers but for goodness sake let’s get real and do something about the “idiots” who infest our roads throughout the day, EVERY day !

(Source:- Komchadluek )

Just to reinforce what was said previously, have a look at this. Perhaps the driver had been drinking though given the time it is unlikely.

Dash cam footage shared to a well know site showed a white pick-up completely take up the lane for oncoming vehicles.

The driver appears to be overtaking but everyone who is coming in their direction is forced off the road by the appalling and selfish driving.

The footage received much adverse comment on the Social Hunter V.ss page.

The incident was recorded on the Roi-Et to Phon Thong Road on Thursday about 11.20am.

Watch for yourself.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

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