Ducati Monster 1993The famous and highly decorated Ducati motorbike company is coming to Buriram.

Well known for its sleek designs and hugely powerful bikes, the company is opening a dealership on highway 219 just down from i-mobile stadium.

Signposting the new site, which looks to have already been blessed in the traditional fashion, is an enormous red banner.  

Concrete pillars have already gone into the ground and it appears construction will be getting underway very soon. 

The company which was started in 1926 by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati with his three sons, produces bikes with prolific racing records throughout many classes.

A plethora of world championship titles have been secured by their powerful bikes. Most notably in their 13 Superbike (SBK) world championship wins. 

Having gone through many changes, Ducati originally started out producing components for radio’s. Over the years they collaborated with other firms to end up producing motorbikes in the 1950’s. 

Their very first motorbike was called the Cucciolo (“puppy”) with a whopping top speed of just 40mph.

The Ducati Puppy (1950)

Ducati puppy 1950

Continuing their pioneering spirit, they developed high performance valves for bike engines, trademarking their own style of a desmodromic valve system in 1956.

According to the designing engineer, Fabio Taglioni, this valve was to be far more energy efficient and allow for higher revs. 

Bike enthusiasts will be well aware that variations of this valve system are still used in Ducati bikes today. Four stroke, V-twin engines together with the valves are very recognisable features of the Ducati brand. 

Ducati’s achievement of the 1960’s was was the lightning fast Mach1. It was the fastest 250 cc road bike of it’s time.

Mach 1 (1965) – capable of over 100 mph and winner of a TT race.

ducati mach1

Switching hands numerous times, the company eventually ended up under the ownership of Audi through their Lamborghini subsidiary in 2012.

Finally, this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Ducati’s best selling bike of all time. The Monster.

Released in 1993 this bike, and its various models, now account for nearly fifty percent of Ducati sales. Amazing!.

Monster (1993)  2014 Model Pictured.

ducati Monster

If you are a bike enthusiast you can hopefully look forward to the opening of the Buriram Ducati dealership by the end of this year.

Lets also hope we can see Ducati bikes performing at the Buriram International Race Circuit in the near future.

Sign At The site In Buriram

 ducati sign

How To Get There: It’s on highway 219, just towards Buriram from I-mobile stadium. 
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