Huge python snacked on ducks.

That feeling when you get so big, one duck isn’t enough.

Animal rescue workers in the southern province of Krabi said it took them hours to subdue the largest python they’ve encountered this year after it was discovered on Friday snacking on a noodle shop’s ducks.

The 6-metre python, which weighed a whopping 51 kilograms, slithered into the duck pen at the Guay Tiew Ped Khlong Krabi Yai restaurant in Krabi City and spent the whole night swallowing an untold number of feathered fowl before rescue personnel wrestled it into submission this morning.

“This is the largest snake we’ve caught in a year. It’s even longer than our rescue van,” said Amnuay Senlae of the Prachasansuk Krabi Foundation.

The duck noodle shop owner called animal rescue on Thursday night after they noticed that a python had sneaked under a pile of wood in the duck pen.

Rescue personnel arrived on Friday morning. Due to the length and mass of the snake, the four men took over an hour to prod the snake out of the pen and grapple with the beast before successfully tying a string around its neck.

The python, too large to transport in the customary sacks used for such things, had to be placed in a cage. It was later released in the Nai Chong National Forest.

“There’s brooks and creeks there that are suitable for the snake to live in, so it won’t come out and bother residents again,” Amnuay said.


By Juninho