Up in Udon Thani two bickering grans trying to settle their differences – by having a gladiator style fight on a pole across a lake.

Apparently nagging each other for years in a remote village near Udon Thani, the two were persuaded by local friends to sort out their differences by having a playful duel on a wooden beam over the water.

The result was an amusing fight as villagers cheered the pensioners on, after they donned boxing gloves and carefully inched their way along the pole.

The first soft blow was enough to upturn the lady from the right corner, who continued to fight upside down.


Notwithstanding that she rained blows in whilst clung upside to the pole, with even a few heafty kicks. However the disadvantage eventually told and she dropped into the lake

The lady in blue was declared the winner and got the bragging rights, with the pair’s squabbles apparently finally sorted.

“Onlooker Taraporn Parat, who shared the amusing clip online, said the pensioners were actually best pals – despite their constant nagging of each other.”