Evil Stepfather Beats Three Year-Old Girl To Death

A three year old girl has died after being beaten continuously over a period of two days by her stepfather.

The little girl angered him because she wet the bed.

Police in Sri Mahosot district of Prachinburi received a report from hospital authorities Saturday that “A” had died as a result of internal injuries sustained in a series of assaults.

Wutisak, 24, has been arrested.

He said he didn’t mean to do it. He was angry and too strong for her. He apologized to his wife and relatives asking for them to see his side and understand him.

He has been charged with assault causing death.

His wife took the body of her child to Wat Keng Seesiat in Sa Kaew for cremation.

She said there was no possibility of a settlement – she wants Wutisak prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for killing her daughter.

Times comment:-This monster wants the poor child’s family to understand him? How can anyone understand someone who has assaulted a little girl over TWO days ? Hopefully, when he goes to prison there will be plenty of inmates only too happy to “understand” him !


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  1. PBarnfeather says:

    I would imagine crimes like this are a result of drug use.

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