Feel The Heat? Summertime Is Coming

The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) will soon announce the start of summertime in Thailand, which could see temperatures peak at 42-43 degrees Celsius during April.

Cooling off in the heat.

Signalled by a recent shift that sees winds now bringing humidity from the Southern China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand to cover the country, summer would begin around the same time it started last year -– on March 3 – he said.

This is close to the TMD’s earlier forecast that summer will begin in late February and end by mid-May.

The daily maximum temperature in upper Thailand during summer would be around 35C to 36C , the TMD said. From mid-March to April, some areas would be hit with a peak of 42C to 43C on certain days, the TMD said.

The season may see summer thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail that could damage properties and farm crops. As rainfall might be reduced and insufficient for use in various areas, people were advised to save water, he added.

Times comment:- And how many billion litres of water will be wasted at Songkran? Mai kao jai !!

(Source: – The Nation,Thailand)

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