FI (Fairly Interesting) At La Lom Restaurant

Doc Martyn had the idea to have evenings where farang could meet and get involved with debates and discussions about various topics.

The inaugral event took place on Monday, January 8 at the La Lom restaurant. There was a good turnout as Martyn presented an interesting and very well researched talk on why Thais prefer Haawm Kaem or Sniff Kiss.

Topics covered by Martyn ranged from the workings of the human brain to snake behaviour.

We all came away with some increase in our general knowledge but it didn’t quite work out how Martyn envisaged. There were several reasons for this but Martyn has decided that he won’t be doing another one.

It was a bold undertaking and the only way you can find out if something will work is to try it. Thanks to Martyn for his hard work and to Patrick, Pat and their staff at La Lom for hosting the event.

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