Teacher and wife face criminal charges following alleged assault.

A teacher and his wife at a Muang district school in Chaiyaphum are facing charges of assault and threatening behaviour after a boy in a M2 class was beaten up in class.

The newly appointed governor of the province Narong Wunsiw heard about the case and immediately contacted education chiefs to investigate.

Plenty of evidence was found and yesterday after a four hour meeting with the boy’s mother and the 14 year old himself it was decided to proceed with prosecution.

The mother said that her son was left battered and bloodied with a broken tooth after the attack by the male teacher. He slapped her son across the face causing him to fall into some shelving.

But the attack did not end there.

The teacher then used feet and fists in a prolonged assault.

Following this it is alleged that the teacher’s wife, also a teacher at the school in the M3 grade, threatened the boy.

The mother said that originally the male teacher admitted what he had done and said he would pay for treatment. But she claimed he later went back on his word and even dared her to make a complaint against him.

She was not scared and went to police.

Now the public prosecutor Banthit Sirayanon said that the male teacher would face charges of assault on a child in his care and threatening behaviour. His wife would also face charges of making threats.

The husband could be jailed, said Banthit, in what is a very serious case of assault.

A summons was issued so that the accused would appear to hear the charges against them.

As is customary no one was named in the story.

Hopefully, an example will be made of this bully and a message will be sent out to all teachers that they have no right to mistreat children,regardless of provocation.

(Source:Thai Rath)

By Juninho