Patrick with wife and daughter.

Only Fools and Horses star Patrick Murray is fighting to be reunited with his Thai wife and their daughter following a visa row.

The 61-year-old, who was Rodney Trotter’s wideboy pal Mickey Pearce in the classic comedy, is desperate for Anong, 36, and Josie, two, to join him in the UK.

Patrick, now a cabbie, said they are barred under minimum income rules for non-European spouses – introduced by Prime Minister Theresa May during her time as Home Secretary.

Now living in Gravesend, Kent, Patrick is saving up by doing night shifts as an executive driver.

He married Anong in Pattaya and moved back in April 2016.

Three months ago, he visited her and Josie for a week. They talk on Skype every night.

Patrick said: “As I’ve been out of the country for a bit and I’m self-employed, I have to work for one year and then show tax returns.

“Before this ruling came in, it would have been fine. Now I’ve got to be separated from my baby while she’s growing up.

“It’s cruel. I’m a Skype dad. I miss them both terribly.”

Mrs May introduced the rules for Brits bringing non-European Economic Area spouses in as part of a drive to cut net migration below 100,000.

Implementation was controversial but was backed by the Supreme Court.

In 2015 it was estimated the lower £18,600 threshold stops 41% of the population bringing a foreign spouse here.

The threshold rises to £22,400 if, as in Patrick’s case, there is also a non Europe-born child.

Patrick added: “It went to the Supreme Court and they said it was cruel but not illegal.

“So thank you, Mrs May.”

The Home Office said: “We continue to welcome foreign partners and children but it’s important they can stand on their own feet financially.”


(Source:Daily Mirror)

By Juninho