Foreigners Stranded In Thailand Due To COVID-19 Can Now Stay Until End Of July


Image: Reuters file photo


The Thai Immigration Bureau has announced that foreigners who are still stranded in Thailand due to the COVID-19 situation have until the end of May to extend their stay permission to remain in the country.


Anyone who had applied for a temporary visa extension due to COVID-19 had been permitted to stay in Thailand until 30 March.


But according to a new order, signed by Immigration chief Sompong Chingduang, foreigners can apply for so-called ‘COVID extension’ until 29 May 2021.


As this is a 60 day extension, it essentially grants stay in the country until 27 July 2021.


The order will once again be welcomed by those people stuck in Thailand due to COVID-19 and need to or want to stay longer.


Anyone whose temporary extension was due to expire are advised to visit their local immigration office for a further extension. It will cost 1,900 baht.


Special thanks to Thai Visa Centre for the information.


(Source: – Thai Visa News)

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