Former Beauty Queen Arrested On Suspicion Of Killing Her Maid Five Years Ago

Former beauty queen suspected of killing her maid.

Police have arrested former beauty queen Krisana Suwanpitak for allegedly assaulting and killing a 16-year-old maid in 2012 in Bangkok and then burying her body in Phetchaburi’s Muang district to conceal the crime.

Central Investigation Bureau chief Pol Lt-General Thitirat Nonghanpitak said on Sunday that Krisana, 45, who was initially charged with aggravated assault leading to another person’s death, had confessed to the crime and implicated several other people. Police would investigate those people further, he said.

Police alleged that Krisana, who reportedly had a hot temper, hit maid Jariya Srisak in the face and head with an air freshener spray bottle in April 2012. The maid, who was not taken to hospital, died the next day.

Krisana then allegedly took the body to be buried under a tree in Soi Salaloy of Tambon Nong Sano near Krisana’s mother’s house.

The case came to attention when Jariya’s 48-year-old mother Janthira Srisak filed a complaint with the Pavena Hongsakul Foundation for Women and Children that her daughter had been missing for over five years.

A police investigation led to the discovery of a human skeleton in Nong Sano. Results of a DNA test to establish whether it is Jariya are due today.

Police said their interrogation of three nearby residents, on Saturday yielded useful information that led to them applying for an arrest warrant for Krisana.

Janthira said witnesses had told her that Krisana would assault Jariya when she was upset. She said she wanted to confront Krisana to ask her: “Why did you kill my daughter?”.

She said the pain in her heart from losing her daughter was made worse when she learned how the girl had been abused. “I will seek justice until the end,” she added.

(Source:-The Nation, Thailand)

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