Fourteen Prison Wardens Dismissed For Gross Misconduct

Fourteen warders fired.

Fourteen wardens fired.

The Corrections Department has fired 14 wardens after finding them guilty of serious misconducts, ranging from taking bribes from inmates and assisting them to break the rules.

Of the 14 dismissed from civil servant services, one will be still entitled for pension payment same as a normal retiree, while the others won’t be paid.

The decision to dismiss the 14 prison wardens was reached at the meeting of the department’s civil service sub-commission and was revealed to the public by department chief Pol Col Narat Sawetanan .

Their misconducts include:

  • Absence from official duty for over 15 days.
  • Taking bribes from prisoners over seizure of mobile phones in prisons.
  • Taking bribes from prisoners to operate gambling in the prison.
  • Embezzlement of prison earnings of more than 600,000 baht.
  • Allowing amulet trading in prisons.
  • Allowing male prisoners to have sex with female prisoners in female detention zone.
  • Involvement in the smuggling drugs and mobile phones into the prison.
  • Demanding money from prisoners’ relatives to facilitate their visit.
  • Implicating in corruption of salary and allowance payments worth almost 5 million baht.
  • Buying alcohol beverages for prisoners in exchange for 2,000 baht.

Department chief Pol Col Narat Sawettanan said the heavy punitive action was handed down to serve as a reminder for other wardens that the wrongdoers would be drastically dealt with.


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