French “Agent” To Police In Pattaya Linked To Alleged YouTuber Threat

Thierry Peronon -French “connection” ?

Mystery surrounds the role of Thierry Perenon, a French national, who claims to be working for the Royal Thai Police.

Despite DSI assertions that he had “misrepresented himself”, he still might be active with new threats coming from an email account that bears his name.

He was pictured at the arrest of the Russian sex instructors in Pattaya and thereafter is said to have threatened the editor of Khaosod English when he demanded that the news media remove a story.

Barely veiled threats about “taking care of your family” were made.

Now his name has resurfaced on correspondence in which a Youtuber who posted a damning video about a taxi driver received an email that looked like an extortion attempt.

In March the Department of Special Investigation based in Bangkok said they were investigating Perenon with DSI chief Korrawat Panprapakorn saying that the Frenchman had misrepresented himself.

According to the chief, Perenon was not a sworn officer. He was part of a volunteer group that sends in tips about the activities of foreign gangs.

Chief Korrawat called it a “foreigner network organization” in Pattaya.

Perenon was said to have no legal authority.

At the time Perenon’s Facebook page contained a picture of him apparently in the uniform of a Thai police officer.

His Facebook page is now bereft of details though it still contains pictures of his friends – the great majority of them appear to be police officers or women.

Unusually for a foreigner there are virtually no non-Thais on his Facebook page.

He is listed as having lived in Marseille and Pattaya and is said to be now working for the RTP and DSI News and living in Pattaya.

In the latest case, YouTuber Daniel Lee McKee, from Middlesbrough, England – known on his channel as Danny Mac – went to file a complaint with police that someone had tried to extort 200,000 baht from him in an email.

That email bore the name of Thierry Perenon.

The email, reported earlier today on Thaivisa, threatened Mr McKee and gave several options for sending money with a Thai person named on a bank account.(copy of email in earlier article.)

The email claimed to be acting in the interests of the taxi driver who took Mr McKee from Suvarnabhumi airport to his condo on March 27th. In the video driver Thongkham had called the YouTuber mean after expecting a tip.

He was later in tears when interviewed by Thai media over the matter.

Mr McKee said that matter was now over.

It is not known at this time if someone might have been impersonating Perenon or if it came from him.

In March the DSI confirmed  on their website that they were investigating Perenon but there appears to have been no confirmation of the results of that investigation or any action taken against him.

The public were at the time asked to contact the DSI on 1202 (free call nationwide) if they had information about any illegal activities involving the Frenchman.





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