StuffedTomato2Adding some more Frenchness to Buriram, Fever Cafe has just opened it’s doors. Focusing mainly on light snacks, it’s an ideal spot for a quick bite to eat.

Very much quiet and laid back, Fever Cafe is situated off the main road in a small soy. Bamboo seating and tables are part of the relaxed over all feeling.

A short yet amazingly well priced snack style menu (nothing over 60 baht) includes cheese and ham crepes with  a creamy bechamel sauce, tomato’s stuffed with pork and herbs, and a double decker Croque Madame sandwich (grilled cheese sandwich topped with a fried egg).

Ham And Mushroom Crepe

ham and Mushroom crepe2

French fries are in there too.

Julien, the owner, from France (of course) lived in Pattaya for a few years. He is a website designer and used to make sites for companies in the large seaside city.

Having recently had a baby he has opted for a quieter style of life and so has come to Buriram. Opening his relaxed, easy going cafe in the front of his house, Julien hopes to now make a living here.

One special feature to mention is that Julien will be making his own home made French cheese. With France being famous for its “fromage”, we will be interested to see how this turns out.

Crottin Cheese Similar To Julien’s Home Made Cheese


Beer, wine, spirits and cocktails are all also available at very reasonable prices. His cocktails are only 60 baht.

Future plans include, a big screen TV and adding some more items to the menu. Extra umbrella’s are also coming to shade eaters and drinkers from the sun.

If you fancy a French style snack in an informal atmosphere pop in and say hello to Julien.

 Sample Menu From The Fever Cafe



How To Get There

Heading along Jira Road take a right at the traffic lights before Home Pro. Then take the first left. Cafe Fever is out front of a blue bungalow house.