A Thai man with dash cam evidence went to the media to claim he had witnessed a clear case of a gang extorting money from motorists by faking accidents.



In the video the alleged gang members box in a car on a road in the Ongkharat area of Nakorn Nayok on Monday evening.


Using their horn and alarming the car in the middle the pick-up on the right forces the victim’s car to collide with another gang member driving in the inside lane, Khomsan told Sanook.


The gangs use beat up old cars and then cite the law to unsuspecting victims who are persuaded to hand over cash for damages without the involvement of the police.


Khomsan said that he followed the vehicle on the right but he believed that he had got wise to the chase and he revved off and he lost him.


Such gangs are believed to roam Thailand preying on unsuspecting drivers who think they have had an unavoidable accident and pay up to avoid trouble with the police, notes Thaivisa.


(Source: – Sanook)