Ganja Could Be Legalised In The Future According To Drugs Suppression Police

Ganja legal soon?

Cannabis and kratom (a plant offering similar effects to cannabis) could be legalised according to representatives of the drugs suppression police at a recent seminar.

However, before you go rushing out to contact your local “dealer” for some recreational roll-ups, it will likely only be under the supervision of doctors.

The suggestion of legalization was made at a seminar held at Thammasat University on Friday. The seminar was attended by many authorities both in law enforcement and the medical profession.

Many members of the public said that both kratom and marijuana should be removed from the illegal Class 5 drugs list.

Speakers said they were just medicinal plants and not addictive drugs. Also,  it was widely known that they had many uses in medicinal purposes.

Drugs suppression representatives at the seminar indicated that recommendations for kratom leaves to be reclassified had already been submitted to the justice ministry.

But more work and research still needs to be done before a recommendation on behalf of marijuana could be made. But they didn’t rule out both drugs being legal in the future.

However, they said that it was likely that if the drugs were removed from the Class 5 list that they would still be controlled substances that could only legally be issued to the public via doctors’ prescriptions.

The issue of the reclassification of kratom and ganja has been raised by many concerned groups in Thailand recently with the justice minister himself saying last year that he was in favour of the move.

(Source:PPTV Thailand)

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