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German on overstay caught selling LSD tabs in Full Moon Party sting

Thai cops on party island Koh Pangan said they had conducted a sting operation in front of a convenience store in Ban Tai and arrested a 46-year-old German man for selling what the Thai media said was a new drug called “paper that makes you high”.
Manager appeared to be referring to LSD tabs that is an old way to get high.
In custody was Andre Schmitt.
He was found in possession of 267 tabs, a small quantity of dried ganja and the 7,500 baht used in the sting conducted by police and military.
He admitted everything saying he was selling the tabs to people at the Full Moon Party for anywhere between 500 and 1000 baht a time.
All they had to do was slip the tabs under their tongue and they felt over the moon.
Schmitt was also found to be on overstay. He has been charged with possession of a Class 1 drug (LSD) with intent to sell, possession of a Class 5 drug (ganja) and detained.
Source: Manager

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