German Tourist Arrested For Falsely Claiming There Was A Bomb In His Baggage

German arrested amid claims there was a bomb in his baggage.

A 70-year German tourist is facing a 5-year jail term and/or a maximum fine of 200,000 baht for making a hoax bomb threat on board a plane, saying that there was a bomb in his baggage.

Ernst Gunther Walter reportedly gestured air crews to remain quiet as he pointed his finger at the overhead baggage compartment and said, “boom”, causing panic among the crews and the other passengers on board the plane at Suvarnabhumi airport.

The German tourist was then escorted out of the plane bound for Chiang Rai and taken to the Suvarnabhumi police for interrogation.

Meanwhile, all the other passengers were ushered out of the plane and all the baggage on the plane offloaded for examination by officials from the explosive ordnance disposal unit.  No bombs were found after hours of examination.

The German told police interrogators that he was a bit drunk and he had no intention to scare the other passengers or the crews with his “joke”.

But police were not amused and he was charged with violations of the aviation law which carry severe penalties, as stated earlier.

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