Report illegally parked motorbikes and share the fines. (Photo:-Thai Rath)

A scheme is underway that might allow members of the public to take a share in motorcycle fines in Bangkok.

All you will have to do is take a picture of a bike travelling or parked illegally on the sidewalk and send it to the authorities. The registration must be showing.

Then when a fine has been paid by the owner of the bike you can go to collect your share of the loot.

The scheme is currently under the consideration of the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority who are getting tough on motorcycles.

Yesterday it was reported on Facebook by a user called Ittipat Pinrarod that “tetsakit” officers from the municipal authority were out in force in both Lat Prao and Wang Thong Lan districts picking up motorcycles parked on the sidewalk and loading them onto municipal pick-ups to be taken away.

A video showing that happening in Wang Thong Lan was posted.

Ittipat said that in Lat Prao people returning to find their bikes gone didn’t know what to do. But they were directed to a notice stuck on a pillar that told them where to go to reclaim their bikes – and pay the fine.

Ittipat posted that the “dobbing in” scheme of reporting errant motorcyclists was now in operation but tetsakit representative Akkaraphon Kaewngam said that it was still under consideration by the BMA.

Meanwhile online celebrity Natchpoan Supatana – better known by Thais as Mark Pitbull – went on Facebook live to say that he agreed with what was being done about motorcycles in Bangkok.

But he said that the authorities needed to continue to act and not just treat it as a “crackdown” then forget about it.

He said that the public need to know where they stand – they will soon get used to it and change their behavior if the authorities stand firm, he said.

But already the threat of 5,000 baht fines was not being followed up. Akkaraphon said that for now they were just fining owners 1,000 baht to get their motorbikes back.

(Source:Thai Rath)



By Juninho