sthaor unique7An abandoned, derelict building nicknamed “The Ghost Tower” has become one of Bangkok’s favourite underground tourist destinations. 

Two adventurous young “free runners” decided to make a video of their ascent and descent of the crumbling building. 

Despite being illegal to go there, many seek out the Sathorn Unique for it’s unusual sight seeing potential.

Nail biting shots of the two daringly daft young men on the edge of various parts of the reputedly haunted structure have resulted in 100,000 hits in just five days. 

The dilapidated  skyscraper was a victim of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis when it’s developers ran out of money. 

Abandoned in The Heart of The City

sthaor unique

Since then it has grown in popularity as an off the beaten track tourist sight seeing stop.

Eerie Empty Corridors

sthaor unique3

In the video below “Team Farang” as they call themselves pull off some sharp gasp inducing moves while taking breathtaking camera shots at the same time.  Enjoy!