Real Ghostbusters


The mass exorcism ceremonies, of what the locals call “phee pop” were carried out by a specialist Bunsong Prathumchai and fourteen of his disciples in the Province of Kalasin (adjoining Roi Et Province). It commenced at the city town hall and then proceeded to the villages where the five unexplained deaths had occurred.

The worried villagers had held a crisis meeting and agreed to spend 50 baht per household to bring in experts.

The Phee Pop is a particularly unpleasant kind of spirit and are believed locally to be able to enter people’s bodies and eat them from the inside out.

The Phee pop were hunted down (around 300 0f them) and successfully chased into an earthenware jar and covered in a sacred cloth. They were then dispensed with at the ceremony with a sacred sword. They were later incinerated to get rid of the trouble they had caused once and for all. reported that following the successful exorcisms everyone in the villages was satisfied and were now “sabai jai” (happy) and could get on with the rest of their lives in peace.

Buriram is located in Isaan and BT felt that they should share this extraordinary story with their readers





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