Go Fast Not Slow!: Thailand’s Speed Limit Set To Be Raised From 90 To 120 kmph


The speed limit for cars on many of Thailand’s roads is set to be raised from 90 to 120 kilometers per hour.


And motorists are soon going to face prosecution for going too slow.


Transport minister Saksayam Chidchob – whose family own a racetrack – is pressing ahead with the controversial plans.


This comes despite the carnage on the nation’s roads that has seen the country named as one of the most dangerous places to drive in the world with fatalities well in excess of 20,000 annually.


The new measures are expected to be introduced in about a month’s time, reported Manager.


They will apply to roads deemed suitable enough that have four lanes and up and have central reservations or central barriers.


The speed limit in the right hand lane will be 120 kmph. In addition the proposal is that traffic in the right hand lane must travel at speeds of at least 80 kmph.




The law is being adjusted to allow for prosecution for those who do not go fast enough on the right.


Saksayam’s plan will see two sets of traffic rules promulgated in 1979 and 1993 simplified. This will mean a blanket 120 speed limit can be imposed throughout the country on highways deemed suitable.


The minister was at pains to point out that restrictions on speed would still be in place in areas deemed not safe for the upper limit.


Manager showed limits of just 30 kmph near schools and 50 in residential areas.


The much criticized regulation requiring that 10 wheel trucks can only enter Bangkok between midnight and 4 am is also set to be reviewed.


This will likely see a 12 hour period allowed after complaints were received by the government from hauliers, especially those involved in many of the infrastructure projects and construction building in the capital.


(Source: – Manager Online)


Times comment.  This is unbelievable given the already high carnage on Thai roads.

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