Golf Quarantine! Thai Authorities Hit On A New Idea To Promote Tourism


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Thailand’s authorities have hit on a new idea to inspire tourists who are prepared to go through the quarantine arrangements.


Plenty of rounds of golf!


Komchadluek said in their headline that the Thai authorities were still scratching their heads about whether quarantine should be lessened from 14 days to ten. Many ministries were working on the dilemma and what to offer to tourists.


There were all sorts of plans to couch this in terms of promoting Thailand as a medical hub for tourists on wellness programs.


But the real interest was the idea that groups as large as 200 at a time could be quarantined at golf courses.


The courses would need to be of a sufficient size and have adequate facilities.


These were golf courses that have hotels attached, ones that have club houses with their own restaurant facilities and courses that were isolated from the general population.


It is hoped that such places could be found that could cater to 150-200 golf mad tourists.


(Source:- Komchadluek)

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