Good News Coming For Expats Regarding 90 Day Reporting – TM 28 And TM 30 Being Discussed Friday


Picture: Daily News


Thai media has reported that foreigners will be happy with a new online application for ninety day reporting or TM 47.


They said that the app will be convenient, fast and safe.


Daily News based their brief story on comments made on the Facebook page of Dr Kobsak Pootrakool who is a spokesman for the Phalang Pracharat political party.


Dr Kobsak said that he had attended a meeting with immigration and the DGA (Digital Government Development Agency) on Wednesday to sort out matters relating to the app for TM 47 or the 90 day reporting requirement.


Many expats and retirees have found the application hard to use, notes Thaivisa.


In addition Dr Kobsak said that a meeting would be taking place on Friday to discuss matters related to TM 28 and TM 30.


These relate to the requirements of individuals and landlords to report their whereabouts or those in their properties who leave their stated address for periods of longer than 24 hours.


Daily News said foreigners would be cheering regarding TM 47 application developments.


Thaivisa has contacted Dr Kobsak for further comment but has yet to hear back from him.


(Source: – Daily News)

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