Justice for Theerapong who was brutally murdered. (Photo:Facebook)

A grieving Thai mother says she will bring her son’s body to Petchburi to ensure that members of a huge gang who murdered him are brought to justice.

Twenty four year old Theerapong Thitathan, a student at Silapakorn University was murdered in the student quarters on February 25th.

He and his friends were set upon by a gang of thirty people who had arrived in Petchaburi from Cha-Am. It has been reported that many are the children of influential figures in the area.

Theerapong was repeatedly stabbed in the head with a screwdriver. Four of his friends were injured. Apparently the gang were looking for a man called “Off” but attacked Theerapong and his friends when he was not there.

Theerapong did not even know his attackers.

The body was transported to Teerapong’s hometown in Chumporn further south where his mother Areerat Chomloke spoke to reporters.

She said she wanted justice for her son. She would not have him cremated until the case was properly resolved.

The mother stated that if the influential people are protected and their children not brought to justice she will take her son’s body to Petchaburi to parade it at municipal offices.

(Source:Daily News)

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