“Hello English!” a big success.

A programme aimed at making English fun for students has just completed a tour of 10 schools in Thailand.

The “Hello English! On Stage” programme was created and performed by NJ Digital which is under the Nation Multimedia Group umbrella.

The programme, aimed at delivering English knowledge in an entertaining style for high-school students, has proven very popular and there is demand for more of the same.

It is an educational show on the NOW26 channel hosted by Roseanna Marshman from the United Kingdom and “Taq” (Nattapon Kanokwanich). As well as appearing on TV, they have embarked on a mission to teach English to high-school students in four regions of the country.

The programme started in the North on August 4 at Montfort and Kavila school in Chiang Mai. Next, the performers went South, on August 18, to Hat Yai Ratprachasan and Tidanukroh School in Songkhla.

For the Northeastern region, the event was held on September 1 at Kalayanawat and Kaen Nakorn school in Khon Kaen. The latest and the last event of “Hello English! On Stage” for 2017 was held on November 23 and 24 in Bangkok at Triam Udom, Yothinburana, Debsirin and Wat Sutthiwararam schools.

 Activities includes teaching English pronunciation, spelling games and tips on how to use English in daily life.

The programme also offers souvenirs and exercises books to prepare for college entranceexaminations.

“English is a very important language and it gets more important every day,” said Nattapat Thiramon, head of the foreign language learning group at Yothinburana school.

“This activity is going to give students an opportunity to learn from native speakers. It’s not a boring activity, because they add a lot of fun games and activities during the programme, and it is really a good thing for them.”

A Triam Udom student, who asked not be named, added: “It’s really fun, and both of them are very friendly.”

NJ Digital produces educational content delivered to schools for use in conjunction with teaching sessions every week. At the same time, it allows the public – including those who may have missed the TV show – the opportunity to view “Hello English!” clips on the website, www.njdigital.net.

(Source:-The Nation, Thailand)

By Juninho