Hero Dog Saves Dozens Of Cats From Becoming Python’s Meal

Brave dog shows off his battle scars.

A young dog named Tang made headlines in local media today after he bravely fought off a python to protect a dozen cats at his home in rural Ang Thong province, according to his owner.

Tang’s owner, only identified as 38-year-old Panisara, said that Tang, 3, barked and circled around the back of her home this morning, so she came out to check on the dog.

When looking closely, she saw that Tang was barking at a five-metre-long python hidden in a tree, and Tang’s face had a few long wounds, which she assumed resulted from the dog fighting with the snake.

Panisara suspected that the snake came to her house to devour her cats, since this wasn’t the first snake sighting at her home — she and her boyfriend had to fight off a snake and free a cat from its grip before.

“The snake was wrapping itself around one of the cats, so my boyfriend and I rescued it. This is the fifth snake that has come to our house.”

 Since one cat was missing, Panisara suspected that the python had already eaten it, before Tang discovered the act and fought off the serpent.

Rescue volunteers were called to catch the python, and Panisara decided to keep the cats inside her home.

The dog was lucky that it wasn’t added to the menu though if the python had indeed already eaten a cat, it would only want to rest in order to digest its meal . So the other cats were safe…… for the time being !

It is unlikely that five different snakes have visited the lady’s home as some pythons are territorial , particularly males, and will ward off unwelcome intruders.


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