Hidden Gem Expands

Hidden away in one of Buriram’s dimly lit back streets is the fantastic, little gem of Nekromantix bar. They’ve just put another room in the back of their bar.

The back room, much like the bar itself, isn’t easy to find. Go round the corner to the toilets and suddenly it’s there. It’s like they don’t want you to know.

All black and shiny, it’s a very compact and posh mini cocktail bar. An incredible extra to their front bar. The font bar on the other hand, is a striking, funky, retro American music bar. Decorations such as neon light guitars, pictures of pop and rock icons icons, and other American style decorations line the walls.

If You Can Find It

They have simply the best selection of foreign beers in Buriram. From German fruity beers like Hoegarden, to dark bottled beers and many, many more. There really is a surprising selection. Just to keep you on your toes, Sandy the owner is always sourcing new beers to continually vary the selection.  

Their permanent resident singer, Fang, is not only drop dead gorgeous, she sports an utterly astounding voice as well. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her sing a bad note. The occasional guest band pops in and adds some variety to the music. 

As the bar is small, the atmosphere is always busy. It only takes a few bodies and the place comes alive.

So if your’e up for trying some European beers, lounging in a mini cocktail bar or listening to a perfect singing voice,  go and find that gem. 

Top Tips

They only open for short hours from about nine pm to midnight and only on a Friday and Saturday Night. Get there for just after nine to be sure to catch the singing. The air con is always on full. Be prepared to be wowed.