Hotel Giant Hits Buriram

One of the world’s largest hotel groups has graced the streets of Buriram with it’s presence.  Best Western hotels, which has over 4,000 hotels in over 100 countries opened its doors to guests in Buriram as of December last year.

The hotel provides excellent value rooms and as of writing is ranked the number one value hotel in Buriram on and

As with many hotels an extensive breakfast buffet is included in the room price. However, what’s got the town talking is that non residents are welcome to enjoy the all you can eat breakfast buffet for just 199 baht.

Evening meals carry the same offer to non residents. For a flat fee you are able to enjoy a wide range of dishes from a dinner buffet menu. Best Western is a fantastic welcome extra to the hotel community in Buriram, complimenting the likes of Armari Buriram  and Thada Cahteau.



 Thada Chateau



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