The power tariff will remain unchanged at 4.72 baht per unit but that for other groups of power users will rise to 5.69 baht from January to April next year.

On Dec 15 the Energy Regulatory Commission announced the electricity fee of 4.72 baht per unit for households and 5.69 baht per units (up by 21%) for other kinds of power users. The decision complied with the instruction of the National Energy Policy Council to prevent impacts on the cost of living.

ERC secretary-general Khomgrich Tantravanich said the ERC adjusted its calculation of the fuel tariff (FT) which was part of power tariff to be in line with the instruction from the council.

Moreover, PTT Group revised its estimated price of natural gas. Diesel and fuel oil will be increasingly used for electricity generation to substitute the import of liquefied natural gas and the production of gas in the Gulf of Thailand will rise to support the generation.

The private sector has been opposing a further increase in power tariff. The Federation of Thai Industries said the rise would force business operators to raise their product prices by 5-12% and there would be heavy impacts on Thailand’s competitiveness and attempts to woo foreign direct investment.

(Source: – TNA)