Huge Crowds In Rush For Free Herbal Remedies For Cancer

Rush for herbal remedy for cancer.

There were huge crowds at the home of a self styled “doctor” in Prachinburi at the weekend.

“Dr Saeng” – real name Saengchai Haelerttrakun was handing out the latest batches of capsules for treating cancer.

He is not charging but the health authorities have made him label the “medicine” as a food supplement.

Thousands have descended on the home of “Dr Saeng” over the last nine years.

His herbal remedies have even encouraged criminals to fabricate his products and sell them to the gullible.

On Sunday hundreds of hopefuls came from Chiang Mai to his home in Muang district of Prachinburi – such is the demand that each time he hands out his wares a different area of Thailand is chosen to avoid a mad scramble.

But the health authorities are quick to point out that the capsules should not be considered a cure for cancer.

Testing has shown them not to contain steroids so they are considered OK for distribution.

But the department of public health has said they should be considered as a food supplement designed to improve general health for cancer sufferers.

Meanwhile, the public are advised to continue with more recognized treatment of cancer and its symptoms.

People with life-threatening illnesses will try anything, which is completely understandable. The capsules are harmless and they are free so if they give people hope then so be it.


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