Husband And Wife Claim 15 Year-Old Boy’s Family Have Ruined Their Lives Following Accident

Family devastated following accident. (Photo:-TNews)

A stricken husband and wife have gone online to talk about their lives that have been ruined following a road accident.

And they have slammed the family who allowed a 15 year-old to drive the vehicle.

Wanchai Phakaew, 44, and his wife Araya, 39,were crossing the road from a market in Khao Khor, Petchabun, when they were reversed into on a hill and dragged many meters down the road.

The pick-up was being driven by a 15 year old boy. The boy’s parents are from Chiang Rai and rent fields in the area to grow strawberries.

Wanchai suffered a broken back. He has had to have surgery and only recently returned home where he is only now just able to sit up. His wife suffered a broken arm and other injuries.

They were farmers but are now unable to earn a living and have to employ outside help to tend their land.

The cost of treatment was 100,000 baht. Only 70,000 was covered in the insurance of the boy’s family.

Wanchai has had to pay the rest out of his own pocket.

Police have asked him to come in to discuss the matter but he is unable to walk yet.

Wanchai slammed the family for allowing a 15 year old to be at the wheel. He said had it been an adult they would have known they had hit something and made the decision to put on the brakes.

“A 15 year old should not be driving,” he said after a video of their plight was shared on the page of “Phanrekuay” on Facebook.

The horrendous accident – that was caught on tape – happened on August 17 and has caused much comment in the media.

Yet another example of total irresponsibility on Thailand’s roads. This unfortunate couple have every right to be angry and it’s high time victims of accidents like this should be able to claim compensation from a government source.

The boy and his family should be prosecuted and a warning sent out to other underage drivers and their families.


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