Queues at immigration.  (Photo:Daily News)

The director of Suvarnabhumi Airport has addressed concerns that passengers are missing flights due to not enough immigration staff being on duty.

This has been denied by the immigration chief who blamed some Cambodian tourists for missing their flight to Phnom Phen on Sunday.

However video, still pictures and comments by travelers seemed to tell a different story.

Now chief Sirot Duangrat, the director of airport operations, has joined the conflict saying that the airport authority is doing its utmost to help out their immigration counterparts.

In this regard they are providing staff to help tourists fill in TM6 cards to speed them along. And they are ensuring that X-Ray machines are all fully manned and operational so there are less bottlenecks.

Sirot said that immigration are addressing the issue of their staff at the airport though he did not go into details.

However, he panted a picture of an ever expanding airport where the queues could only get worse if measures are not taken to ensure more staff are in place.

He said that at present there are 200,000 people passing though the airport on days during the high tourist season.

This is going to be topped when the airport is expected to handle 30 million visitors by 2019.

As a traveller, I find it hugely irritating being held up at immigration because passengers have not filled in their TM6 cards in on the plane.

There is ample time to do so and it may be a good idea for airlines to ask their staff to remind passengers that it will speed up their movement through the airport by filling in the card immediately.

(Source:The Daily News)

By Juninho