Interview with the British Embassy Consular Team in Thailand – August 2020


Firstly, thank you to everyone who submitted questions on the forum and via the Thaivisa Facebook page.


Here is the first in what we hope to be many similar interviews with the British Consular team in Thailand, where we hope to ask them your questions and raise different issues with them on behalf of British expats in Thailand.


The interview is part of an exciting partnership between Thaivisa and the the British Consular team in Thailand, which will see a dedicated forum section on Thaivisa to share timely and frequent updates, Q&A’s and more information on the activities and work carried out by the team from month to month.


In this first update, the Consular team, headed up HM Consul Paul Kaye, answer questions on a variety of topics including visa amnesty, pensions, income letters, what to do regarding the death of a British national in Thailand, and how British nationals can access mental health support.


(Source: – Thai Visa News)

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