Irresponsible Dog-Owners Face Jail If They Allow Their Animals To Foul In The Street

Dog owners warned.

Thai media reported on the issue of irresponsible dog and cat owners who allow their pets to foul areas in front of neighbours’ houses.

Quoting a lawyer they said that owners could face jail time and heavy fines even if they cleaned up the mess.

Laywer Kertphon Kaewkert said that if it was proven that owners allowed their pets to defecate in front of neighbours’ houses they could be fined 10,000 baht or jailed for a month or both.

Even if they cleaned it up they could be jailed as it caused annoyance to others.

Fines were less in some other areas and there were differences between private estates and public areas according to the regulations.

Reports should be made with evidence to local police who would refer the matter to the courts.

Barking dogs could result in fines and requests to remove the dog.

In a related story Dr Sathit Pratchaya-ariyakul of the Thai Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said that owners must take responsibility for dogs and cats according to the law.

He said that barking dogs could result in jail of one month and fines of 2,000 baht.

Letting an animal pooh outside someone’s house was 500 baht, he said.

Leaving the corpse of a pet outside someone’s house would result in a 5,000 baht fine.

He said that there were 5 deaths of people from diseases related to dogs in 2015 and six deaths in 2016.

(Comment:-) Dog owners should also be held responsible for threatening behaviour by their dogs. Chasing motor vehicles creates dangerous situations, particularly for cyclists and motorcyclists.

Pedestrians are also at risk from dogs and in some areas it is simply not safe to be on foot, particularly at night. It’s time that loose dogs without collars are removed from the streets and impounded.

(Source:-Daily News)


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