Isolated Light Rains Forecast For Most Of Thailand



The Thailand Meteorological Department forecast on Saturday (February 15) that the westerly trough moving to the North would bring cool to cold weather.



The high pressure over the Northeast and the South China Sea is weakening while the southeasterly wind prevails over the lower Northeast, the East and the Central regions.


Isolated light rains will occur in the lower Northeast, the Central and the East. The weakening easterly winds across the Gulf will lessen rains in the South.


From February 16-19, the strong high-pressure area from China will extend to upper Thailand affecting cool to cold weather with strong wind and a decrease in temperatures by 4-6 degrees Celsius in the Northeast. The Central and the East has cool weather and a drop in temperatures by 1-3°C.


The weather forecast for the next 24 hours is as follows:


Northeastern region: Cool weather with isolated light rains; temperature lows of 17-24°C, highs of 35-37°C. Temperature likely to drop to 12-15°C on hilltops.


(Source: – The Nation)

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